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Ear Cuff



  • Handmade from sterling silver inside and out. 


How to wear:

  • The cuff is a fake piercing. You hook around the smallest part of the lobe by sliding the cuff down from the top of the cartilage. It’s safe, you won’t loose it. You can easily adjust the ends of the cuff to make a better fit by opening or closing it slightly with your fingers.



  • It is supper confortable and lightweight.


History and style:

  • What the team and I personally love about this cuff is that it gives you an edge to your everyday style. It goes well with any earrings in the collection.



  • Silver tarnishes over time. You may use the polishing cloth included with every order to remove it gently. 
  • It's preferable to not sleep with your jewelry on. 
  • Keep away from humidity, water, make up and perfume. 

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